Why doesn't discourse use ember-data?


I kind of asked this question in another post but it wasn’t answered - probably because it wasn’t the main question I asked.

So, why doesn’t discourse use ember-data? Is it because dev on discourse predates when ember-data was started? Or is it because all of the data in discourse needs to be live and fresh from the server?

Are sites like discourse just not suited to ember-data?


I’ll let @eviltrout speak to the specific details, but at the time work started on Discourse, Ember Data (way before the 1.0.0-beta series) was either non-existent or at the very least needed much work.

It is possible to implement similar functionality using today’s Ember Data, but I don’t see any reason for the Discourse team to go back and replace their data layer.


@eviltrout posted about it a year ago: Ember without Ember Data :wink: