Why ember 3.0 vendor.js is still as big as ember2?

Ember vendor.js bundle is huge from start. It contains jQuery, ember core and ember data.

I was hoping ember 3 is going to be much smaller due to removed deprecation code. But it is not!

I know this problem is well known, but I was wondering when developers plan to make ember’s bundles smaller.

If we compare ember to Vue+vuex or react+redux it looks enormous in terms of bundle size.

Any news or plans to fix it?

Yes, the goal is to allow slimming down the framework over time. Some RFCs that discuss some of the initial ideas can be found here: https://github.com/emberjs/rfcs/pull/294 and https://github.com/emberjs/rfcs/pull/284

Probably one of the larger unsung changes that can with Ember 3.0 is the switch to only supporting IE 11+ That change in the long-run should allow many future optimizations.

But most of that work will land over time in the Ember 3.x series instead of right at Ember 3.0. We’re looking forward to smaller and lighter though :wink:


Thanks! I love ember and really looking forward to it. Some projects really require small bundles and I have to use Vue instead of ember so far.