Why is the default adapter JSONAdapter?


What is the difference between JSONAdapter and RESTAdapter? Why was REST default before 2.0, then changed to JSON?

Thank you.

Since Ember 1.13 there is a new standard for JSON format been promoted by Ember community. The main difference between two is in JSON format, the new JSONAdapter is well documented a standard and if adopted by many will ease the way client integrates with server, here you can find a reference, examples and a list of libraries that implements the new standard http://jsonapi.org/ It is recommended to use new JSONAdapter, however it is relatively easy to customize Ember Data serialization to your own needs if, for example your application must talk to custom server and you can’t change its JSON format: Customizing Serializers - Models - Ember Guides

You can read more about the move here: Ember Data v1.13 Released

Hope it answers your question.