You must include an `id` in a hash passed to `push`**

Getting this error . Not sure why i am getting this error…would appreciate if someone can help me spot why this is erroring out. Error while loading route: Error: Assertion Failed: You must include an id in a hash passed to push at new Error (native) at Error.Ember.Error (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember/ember.js:910:19) at Object.Ember.assert (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember/ember.js:73:11) at Ember.Object.extend.push (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember-data/ember-data.js:9882:15) at null. (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember-data/ember-data.js:9956:23) at (native) at (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember/ember.js:1918:30) at Ember.Object.extend.pushMany (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember-data/ember-data.js:9955:16) at JSONSerializer.extend.extractArray (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember-data/ember-data.js:3184:19) at superWrapper (http://localhost:8000/vendor/ember/ember.js:1292:16)

from the other posts related to similar error this has to do with a json where primary key is not handled correctly. But my json response looks correct.

here are model objects:

var PersonInfo = DS.Model.extend({
      first: DS.attr('string'),
      last : DS.attr('string'),
      addresses: DS.hasMany('personAddress', {embedded: 'always'})
 Ember.Inflector.inflector.irregular("personInfo", "peopleInfo");
export default PersonInfo;
var Address = DS.Model.extend({
      type: DS.attr('string'),
      personInfo: DS.belongsTo('personInfo')
export default Address;

**here is my deserializer:**

var PersonInfoSerializer = DS.ActiveModelSerializer.extend({
      primaryKey: 'id',

      extractArray: function(store, type, payload, id, requestType) {   
              var peopleInfo =payload.peopleInfo;              
              var adds = [];
             // debugger;
                   var addresses = personInfo.addresses,
                        addressIds = addresses.mapProperty('id');                         
                      personInfo.addresses = addressIds;
              payload.addresses = adds;

              return this._super(store, type, payload, id, requestType);


export default  PersonInfoSerializer;

**and here is the json response which i am mocking in API STUB**

 server.get('/peopleInfo', function(req, res) {
                    var person_info = {
                     "peopleInfo": [{
                       "id": "1",
                       "first": "Tom",
                       "last": "Dale",
                       "addresses": [{
                         "id": "1",
                         "type": "Home"
                       }, {
                            "id": "2",
                          "type": "Work"