14:1 error '$' is not defined no-undef

i want to make a rest call using jquery in my route handler but in cli i got this(14:1 error ‘$’ is not defined no-undef) error message. can i know how to use jquery in route handler. and their is any configuration is needed to use the jquery.

this is my route handler code

actions: {

createThing() {

  //alert("my action is called");

// GET call


 url: 'https://url/api/info',
 method: 'GET',
 contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
 dataType: "json",
 headers : {
 "Authorization" : "Basic abcdef=="
},}).then((response) => {

console.log("response ");

console.log(JSON.stringify(response)); });

// GET call ************************** } }

and can you please explain how to make ajax call in ember. thanks

I’d think that would work, but if not jquery should be attached to ‘Ember’ so you can call Ember.$.ajax...

thank you . it (Ember.$.ajax )works for me.