A new rich set of components for Ember.js!


Hey everyone,

Short aim of this post, we developed a new rich set of UI components for Ember.js, showcase: Take a look: http://indexiatech.github.io/ember-components

Long answer:

Few months ago we started to work on Bootstrap for Ember that gained great community quickly,

We’ve decided to create in parallel a new rich set of ember components that are not bound directly to bootstrap but can be used with any css framework,

It’s all written the Ember way and is not dependent on anything but its own utils and the ember framework itself.

We’ll be very happy to get help from the community from code contribution to usage feedbacks! Take a look: http://indexiatech.github.io/ember-components/#/getstarted


looks good, i’ll learn a lot going through the examples


Great! a little suggestion, can the project use 2 spaces indentation instead of 4 spaces?


FWIW, I humbly disagree- I think 4 spaces are easier to read than 2 (a 4 space tab is even better, but the world seems to disagree with me on that one).


Some guys use 2 spaces while others use 4 spaces, or tabs. It’s just personal preference. But you’re true. Now most of the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) use 2 spaces and I suppose following this rule more contributors will like it. Just my opinion. :smile:


Currently the demo site shows a blank page and the console spits this out:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'Mixin' has already been declared indexiatech.github.io/ember-components/assets/vendor.js:18057
Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined indexiatech.github.io/ember-components/:1
Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined indexiatech.github.io/ember-components/:23