Mixins and layout property with ember-decorators

Here are two doubts with their solutions that I had today while working with ember-decorators that could be useful for someone else:

what’s the recommended strategy for handling mixins with e-decorators?

I found the answer in a @pzuraq’s post. Using export default class FooComponent extends Component.extend(FooMixin).

How to set up the layout property of a component with e-decorators? (in-repo-addon)

@chriskrycho suggested me this way

import Component from '@ember/component';
import layout from 'my-addon/templates/my-component';
export default class MyComponent extends Component {
 layout = layout;

Just layoutworks too but you get an eslint style error because of a no-unused-vars in the import. So his way is better. Also, Babel’s support for class properties must be enabled.


Thanks! We’re about to implement decorators as soon as we upgrade to the 3.4 LTS release.

This looks like a bug in either eslint or eslint-babel.