About Django and Ember

How Ember Application is Different from Django. Which are the things that we cant do with Django


Very different.

Ember is client-side. Django is server-side. They’re not mututally exclusive by any means.

But How to integrate Ember and Django. Is there any procedure given by Ember Team Thank You

Although I’m not part of “Ember Team” I am pretty confident that there is no prescribed recipe for integration. (Even serving to Ember using a nodejs server doesn’t seem to have a firmly established “best practice”, probably because Ember Data is still a work in progress.)

You will want to look at a REST framework for django. I have used tastypie in the past, but there are several frameworks to consider. If you are using Ember Data, then probably you will have to modify the server a bit, as conventions for side-loaded models, etc. are not perhaps so widespread. See http://emberjs.com/guides/models/the-rest-adapter/ for info on what to serve.

@vikramcse I’m currently using tastypie with ember-data-tastypie-adapter.

Also have a look at this topic Setting up a Django API to use with Ember.js