About life cycle of Ember.js and Incremental use in existing project


Hi, Just started with Ember.js, need some clarity on my thoughts:-
(My project is completely ajax (jquery) based where all nagivation happen by adding things required, that means lots of script files/ modules can stay there and removed when required)

  1. About the Life cycle of Ember.js, can I control the init and destroy it?
  2. I see it tightly coupled with Route, In my app I wish to introudce Ember one by one, so Can i do it for just one Route leaving all other as it is?(reason to ask: I read it create index route magically?)
    I saw something which seems helpful, Can I pass the option like root element and location at init time?
 var App = Ember.Application.create({
  rootElement: "#my-div"

  location: 'none'

3 . Is it possible to make components which is re-usable (things like FB React.js component and Angular (without route) Directive does)?