Help gathering research on Ember JS Worst Practices

I’m writing an intermediate/advanced blog post on Design & Construction Worst Practices. I’m aiming to release it by next Monday. Anyone wanna share their favorites?

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking maybe overloading components with too many actions, depending too heavily on controllers to structure your architecture (a la straight MVC), and overriding the init hook instead of using an event listener.

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A thing which I caught myself doing recently: Maintaining state on the controller which is not bound to the model, and has to be explicitly reset (e.g via router hooks).

In most cases, I could have just used the view for that state, and the “reset” would have been done automatically since the view is torn down.

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Sweet, thanks man. I’m thinking of changing the focus now to larger, architectural concerns. Like using Homebrewed Tooling instead of Ember CLI

How about using Home-brewed Tooling instead of Ember CLI? This will drastically increase maintenance, and if you’re a startup, this really messed up everything.