Todo mvc with ember 2.1.0 and Bootrap


As as new comer I have been trying to learn ember using the todo mvc guide that was earlier part of the guide. Have been struggling for the past few months to keep up with the ember updates and have now managed to put together a todo mvc in ember version 2.1.0 along with Bootstrap. Any review and comments will be helpful to take my next steps in learning emberjs. Complete code is in


I checked out the code but didn’t run it. Can’t judge much from such a small app, but it you’re on the right track using components! I would try replacing the fixtures by a real backend and see how it goes.


Why do you have temporary files checked into Git? I mean those with tildas at the end of the name? Do they have some special meaning?


Thanks for your comment. Now I will try to do with a real backend like ROR.


Not intentional. I have deleted them and re-uploaded,


Govidat, your comment fits right into a post I wrote yesterday!

For production-grade apps I use Ruby on Rails. Lately though, I am always starting off with a simpler backend: Express within Ember CLI… it’s waaay simpler to set up and run – definitely for development and testing. One can always switch later.



Seems fine, just didn’t understand why you are using invoke for the save and delete methods. It’s always preferable to use functions then reflection like syntax.