Active model adapter sending request in camelCase instead of snake_case

#1'featured_topic') sends a request /featuredTopics instead of /featured_topics. I use Ember Data : 1.0.0-beta.6+pre.361a00e7, also checked with the latest build, the same behavior happens. Is it how it should be ? Should I define this separately?


Could you please share how are you setting up your adapter?

    App.Store = DS.Store.extend({
      adapter: 'DS.ActiveModelAdapter'

And the model, this sends req to /featuredTopics with the query'featured_topic')

App.FeaturedTopic = DS.Model.extend({

  topic: DS.belongsTo('topic')



I think your issue is that you have your adapter defined as a string. I don’t use ember-data, but this is how the documentation refers to setting an adapter on the store.

(Go to the actual link since discourse doesn’t respect anchors in the preview).


You are absolutely right, that worked, thanks :smiley: I was using the code generated by ember-rails which apparently still uses the old version of ember-data. But I installed the latest version of ember-data, checked the transition guide for every other syntax except for configuring adapter . Ah! very dumb! :smiley: