Add DS.Store base delegate method to the adapter

I’m wondering if I need to extend the DS.Store class in order to add a query method like for example, would it be possible on the current version?

This need comes from the fact that I have a JSONAPIAdapter-like backend API but with some minor changes. For example I have a custom route to perform searches on the model /{model}/search and none of the existing methods, findAll(), query() and others help me achieve this functionality without overriding some of them which is not something I really like.

The build-in method works great if I want to query on a specific model field, but for search() I’m using a text parameter which looks over multiple model fields to find a match.

The best approach in my opinion would be to extend the DS.Store class and add a method for example that would allow me to automatically search for records on any model.

Sorry, but I don’t get why query() does not work for you? I am using query() for all of my requests to a paged API, even for sort and filtering. All you have to to is to add some queryParams to you route…

As for non-standard URLs: You can tweak the URL either in the adapter or you are free to do things like that to circumvent the adapter and ORM completely:

  actions: {
    // this cancels the subscription by issuing a non-standard ajax call
    cancel: function(param) {"Huh?");
      // get token and add it to the request header of our ajax call
      this.get('session').authorize('authorizer:custom', (headerName, headerValue) => {
        const headers = {};
        headers[headerName] = headerValue;
          url: "http://******/v1/subscriptions/" + param + "/cancel/",
          type: "POST",
          data: null,



As I mentioned in the OP, the endpoint responsible for search uses another url schema, query() will make a request to /{model} while I had to fetch /{model}/search and also pass some other parameters. Anyway, I have made the changes from the API server and created a separate search model in order to be able to fetch it the other way, like /search/{model}

Still a valid idea to overwrite urlForQuery in your adapter to customize the API’s endpoint…

Regards, Martin