Utilize a single adapter to multilple models

I’m attempting to utilize a single adapter with multiple models. To achieve this, I’ve created an adapter that extends DS.JSONAPIAdapter . This adapter has its own namespace and has implemented Ember Data actions for querying data. Below is my model code:

 import DS from ‘ember-data’; 
import customAdapter from ‘…/adapters/custom-adapter’;

export default DS.Model.extend({

ATTR_1: DS.attr(),
ATTR_2: DS.attr(),
ATTR_3: DS.attr(),
ATTR_4: DS.attr(),
ATTR_5: DS.attr(),

adapter: customAdapter

When querying data from the store using the aforementioned model, the request fails to engage the specified adapter. What could be the reason for this issue? Could you provide some insights or suggestions?

If you want this custom adapter to be used for all models you can name is application.js that will work. Otherwise you will need to extend you custom adapter and give it the same name as the model you want that adapter to work for.