Add Ember CLI category

Even though its really new, and there aren’t many topics (that I’ve seen) posted on the subject, I think it would be good to have a category for Ember-CLI.

I’m just an outsider speculating here, but I’m betting that the core team is gunning for the Ember-CLI to be as integral to Ember as the Rails-CLI is to developing Rails projects. Ergo: we should foster uber discussion on it.


How many topics on Ember CLI are there now?

A quick search only returned 11.

I think it will / should increase as the CLI grows and develops.

I agree with @joseph_dillon_522 since ember-cli is just coming out of it’s infancy, popularity will be ramping up and I suspect a lot of questions/ideas around it will surface.

OK, I added it! Help me categorize topics there if you have trust level 3 here:

I see @jasonmit does.