Questions? Bring it!

As a result of the excellent discussion in Should Ember better define its use of Slack? I have created a few new categories and sub-categories, we can easily add more (or delete the ones I’ve created) as needed.

The goal here is to ensure that any/all questions that folks are asking that might become helpful to others, should end up here in this forum in some way. This should help reduce duplicated/repeated questions (seems like we answer the same questions repeatedly in chat these days) and give us all a significantly better resource to find answers to our own questions without waiting on someone else to provide “real time support” in chat.

Jump on in, lets start getting questions in here:

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Yay! One thought I had was was also to create a Addons channel with sub topics for some of the bigger/widely used ones that receive a lot of questions like deploy, concurrency, typescript, etc.

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Also, I’m wondering if the distinction between Learning and Questions might not be very clear (especially to newer folks). I’m assuming learning is learning team related stuff?

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Could we consider mentioning the Questions category on the homepage?

And/or make Questions the default when creating a New Topic from

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Good point, maybe Learning could be changed to Team Learning or Learning Team?

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Since (learning team) is only filled with questions, including the ‘Reader’s Questions’, why not merge the two categories? Of course I don’t know whether the learning team has any special plans.

Also, it’d be great to have a one-liner for each category to clarify the purpose. Here Not sure if the categories are sorted by activity or if we can prioritize them, too?

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I just spun up a new topic about a potential larger restructuring. Thoughts welcome: Proposal for restructuring forum's categories

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