New category "Documentation"?

What about creating a forum category “Ember Documentation”?

I would like to have a place for anyone to ask questions stemming from Ember’s API documentation and guide, including myself :slight_smile: . This could also help identify potential pitfalls in the documentation and create an additional feedback loop for documentation evolution.


Here is an example documentation suggestion:

Ember’s documentation provides sample code, for instance the JavaScript sample code in the “Managing Asynchrony” section. The visualization of the source code unfortunately is cropped on my computer. Providing a horizontal scroll bar would allow to see the full source code.

This cropping also happens with images.

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Here is another example documentation suggestion:

I just noticed that Defining Your Routes - Routing - Ember Guides doesn’t mention App.ApplicationController. In my opinion, knowing about the ApplicationController is useful for understanding Ember.

(… App.ApplicationController != App.IndexController)

Here is a jsFiddle that uses both ApplicationControllers and IndexController: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Does seem like a good idea for a discuss category. Probably would be good if the discussions naturally resolved into actionable steps to improve documentation.

Perhaps there should be an onus on creator of specific threads in this category to synthesize the thread’s contents into a pull request to improve docs.

The challenge I suppose is unintentionally creating alternate form of documentation. Definitely want that feedback to make its way back into the ember website.

Seems like a reasonable idea but I am not seeing too many documentation topics via the search function. There are but a handful.

Here’s the current category list:

Here’s a list of all recent “uncategorized” topics:

I’d be interested in any newly proposed categories that could apply to say 20% of the topics in that list.