Add ID or CSS class to footer

I am an absolute beginner to Discourse and Ember , so maybe (pretty sure…) it’s a stupid question: In my theme I want to add some footer content. The generated div is something like <div id="ember78" class="ember-view"> .. my content .... </div>

I need to access the generated ember-view div via CSS, but it’s not allowed. Error message is “Sorry – using #ember or .ember-view CSS selectors is not permitted” which I do understand because it’s dynamic content. But I urgently need a solution to add an ID or CSS class to the container div, so that I can add it to the page flow.

This is more of a Discourse-specific question than an Ember question so I don’t know the answer offhand. You may get more responses in dev - Discourse Meta.

Hey there. Did you get the answer?