Adding ember weekly to the emberjs site?

One thing that came to my mind during the discussion about the redefinition of slack usage, but didn’t really belong to that topic:

How do you guys feel about adding ember weekly to the emberjs website? To me their work has been of great value. Alone being notified about cool add ons and good talks is really helpful, especially if you are new to the eco system. They could get their own section where they would post what currently is in the mail, or be added to the blog. (I would prefer the first one though).

I can see two benefits doing that:

  • I kind of totally gets obvious that there is a lot going on within the community each week
  • it will be very easy to discover additional recourses for new devs

Probably we could also have a feed of latest ember addon releases somewhere on the page?

Not sure if this is what you mean, but Ember weekly is already linked from Community - Ember.js.

not really. well, probably I should have provided a little more context for everybody who did not read through the other thread. Among the reasons for the discussion to move things away from slack has been that what is going on in the community gets hidden away from public:

This gives the impression that ember is a dead project

As we are already having a lot of high quality content, I was proposing to make that content more visible and easier to find/query/seo by adding the actual content to a section of the emberjs page.

Just providing the information that there is a newsletter which provides great information is not enough as again the content is not publicly visible. It even requires the use of a different medium.


While I’m not sure of the value of putting Ember Weekly on the Ember blog, something which I think would be much better would be to post the Ember.js Times newsletter as posts on the Ember blog.

I love the weekly newsletter as it really shows how much work is currently happening in the various Ember core teams. As has been discussed elsewhere, people outside of the Ember community generally have a hard time knowing what’s going on and there’s a perception that not much is happening. Ember.js Times directly tackles this idea and having it front and center on the Ember blog would help fight that perception. It could still be a newsletter but I think there’s value in having it more easily found on the blog.

The Wordpress Core blog seems to do something similar with frequent updates

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@patocallaghan That is exactly what we at the Ember Times are doing this coming week. Look out for the blog post on Friday morning


@Alonski That’s great to hear :raised_hands:

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Just to be clear, I did not mean to outrun one vs the other. I just picked ember weekly, as it includes a pretty extensive list of best practices, new and updated addons etc.

Times is awesome too, but I just have been following it for like 3 issues so far, so I can’t say as much about it.

I am also reluctant regarding just adding stuff to the blog, as I feel the content of weekly could be served much better than it can by putting it into blog posts or mails. Essentially much of their information are just streams. The times format (and content) is much better suited to be posted on a blog imho. Yet, the content of both is very different.

Do you have any concrete objections why you are not sure about the actual value of adding weekly?

TLDR: No objections regarding times, yet this strives away from the actual intention.

I’m not entirely sure why I wouldn’t be too keen to see Ember Weekly as a blog. I guess one thing is that it would probably need to be more heavily curated. Anything that appears on the site would appear to be “blessed” by the core team, while that is not necessarily true of all addons, talks or articles that appear in the community.

@Hummingbird To answer your original question, this was the scope of when it was active. I believe there are efforts under way to revive it.

Well, no hard feelings if that does not fit as well as I thought it would. Improvement goes in a lot of directions. Great to see emberwatch coming back.

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Maybe the original idea doesn’t quite work, but I wonder if we could consider a section of the homepage that is dedicated to something like this? It would be a nice engagement thing to have a few new projects/events/blog posts highlighted every week.

@Hummingbird if you wanted to mock something up, I’d be delighted to look at it! :slight_smile: