Adding .htm, .js and .css files at root level

Dear Members in Ember 1.x we used to have some .html and .js files in the root level of the project folder and these files were directly opened by a link given from rest services via mail. These .html or .js files were Ember-Free that means these files had pure html and javascript and no Ember.js in any form.

Now, please tell me where to keep such files which can be accessed by direct URLs from rest services I.E. not even before ember server has started.

This is our requirement which was being fulfilled by Ember 1 generated production build and now via ember-cli generated production build the name of the files get changed internally.

Regards #Dn

Just store them separately and deploy them as part of your build process, it doesn’t make sense to put files in your app folder if they aren’t going to be handled by Ember CLI, you’re just going to confuse yourself or someone else later :slight_smile:

Is there a problem placing them in the root of the public folder? If files are changed by fingerprinting you can disable it like this:

var app = new EmberApp({
  fingerprint: {
    exclude: ['my/ignored/directory']
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