Addon version and bower dependencies upgrade question

Let A be an addon in version a1, and let B be a bower dependency of that addon in version b1. The addon installs its bower package through the default blueprint like

afterInstall: function() {
    // b1 is the version.
    return this.addBowerPackageToProject('B', 'b1');

Now let C be an application consuming A. When A is installed using

ember install A

The bower package is actually installed in C. Up to here, things are fine. Now A is updated to version a2, including B in version b2. In C,

rm -R node_modules
npm cache clean
npm install

will fetch A.a2.

  • Will A.a2’s default blueprint run and cause C to install B.b2 as well?
  • Is this supposed to work?

if the blueprint is run manually, B.b2 actually gets prompted for, that is, you get to see that the project has a bower conflict now and are asked how to resolve it.

I tried it out now, it doesn’t work. If I specify a postinstall script for npm (ember g testaddon), it doesn’t work either (because npm tries to install the packages in a different order and ember-cli isn’t installed when the postinstall script runs).

What good is it to have blueprints propagate bower dependencies if one does have to check them manually anyway? Am I understanding this wrongly? Is this intended behaviour?

(Kept for reference and discussion; please answer to SO: ember.js - Ember Addons and bower dependencies versioning - Stack Overflow)

I have now made a post on SO with this question: ember.js - Ember Addons and bower dependencies versioning - Stack Overflow