Add-ons depending on other add-on with bower dependency

Hi, I am having an add-on ( say A ) which is dependent on other add-on ( say B ). “B” add-on has bower dependency in it which is mentioned in its bower.json and default blueprint like the following > `afterInstall: function(){

             return  this.addBowerPackageToProject ( "package-name" );

and in my “A” add-on I am having a blueprint and its afterInstall hook i tried to invoke “B” add-on’s afterInstall hook by calling

afterInstall: function(){ return this._super.afterInstall(…arguments); }

Now when the consuming application installs the add-on “A”, “B” add-ons blueprint is not executed. Did I miss anything else? I have already asked this query in Stack Overflow but still didn’t found out the solution. Kindly assist me.

The solution is to write a PR to remove the Bower dependency. See for example:


Thank you so much @broerse. In which add-on I have to use broccoli merge trees ( add-on A or B ) ?