Ember Addon depending on another ember addon


I’m trying to create an ember addon for our application. Would it be possible to use another ember addon within my addon and have the ember app use it?

I"m trying to look into using ember json api resource addon on the addon that I’m developing.

You have to specify the addon you need for your addon in your package.json under "dependencies".

So using ember install ember-jsonapi-resources, would be enough? I don’t have to specify anything under the “ember-addon” in the package.json? I’ve read that there’s a before and after option under it.

No it is not. You have to specify it in your package.json

For example ember-cli-pagination depends onember-cli-version-checker` See:

If you install ember-cli-pagination ember-cli-version-checker will also be installed this way.

Okay! Got it! Thank you for all your help :smile: