Is any way or RFC to support a addon packs like vscode extension

hi , dear boys

i make a custom building for ember app (ember-cli-mix-build - npm), and it need modify and require some ember addon for root app (not addon self).

so , i have to install these addon for app in my knowledge now . if it has any way , to declare some addon in self addon ,but for root app ?

thank u for all the mind .

Hi @houfeng0923, one way to do this is to add a default blueprint to your addon. The default blueprint runs when someone runs ember install ember-cli-mix-build, and it can do things like install other addons. Here is an example:

If ember-cli-mix-build will also want to use the other addon, it can be listed as a peerDependency in ember-cli-mix-build’s package.json.

@ef4 thank you your advice . i will evaluate this way .

BTW, glade to meet u here , there is a pull request for ember-auto-import : optional output fastboot files by houfeng0923 · Pull Request #271 · ef4/ember-auto-import · GitHub please check the issue if u have time to do . i need this feature next month . thank u .