An error occurred in the constructor for ember-cli-dependency-checker at D:\

I am tryna run an emberjs project . first of all like other frameworks e.g react,vuejs i installed all the dependencies using npm install commad after that when i try to run the application using ember serve i get this warning/error in the console

The error message is trying to explain what is wrong here. It seems like this project is a bit older and still uses Bower for some of its dependencies, you’ll need to install those dependencies before you can continue. Typically you’d do that with:

npm install -g bower
bower install
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sir basically i have a ember project which is developed in ember 2.x version and now i want to install that ember app with me so what i did i tried to run command npm install to install all the dependencies and i updated all those dependencies and after that when i try to run the app using ember serve but i am getting deprecation errors and the didn’t run.

what i did i tried to run command npm install to install all the dependencies

@jon_ee because this is an older app it users Bower for “dependency” package management (aka packages used in the browser) as well as node for “development” packages (for building/serving, etc). So you need to run both npm install and bower install to install all the front-end packages.

If you intend to maintain this app and/or upgrade it I’d highly recommend migrating bower dependencies to npm so you can get rid of bower altogether.

If you’ve run bower install and are still seeing errors please post more details about the new errors.

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Yes Sir i want to upgrade that app to latest version of ember, as you said above i should migrate bower dependencies to npm ? so how can i do that?

It should be mostly straightforward. First you may want to search for equivalent npm packages with comparable versions, but then it’s just a matter of moving the dependency from bower.json to package.json. And then you’ll need to change the import paths in ember-cli-build.js like this (or remove it and use ember-auto-import):

  // from:
  app.import(app.bowerDirectory + '/jquery-ui/ui/core.js');
  // to: