Deprecation warning for addons - future big problems?


Since upgrading to 2.18 I am getting this deprecation warning:

DEPRECATION: An addon is trying to access project.nodeModulesPath. This is not a reliable way to discover npm modules. Instead, consider doing: require("resolve").sync(something, { basedir: project.root }). Accessed from: NPMDependencyVersionChecker (/Volumes/Home/Sites/searchapp/node_modules/ember-cli-document-title/node_modules/ember-cli-version-checker/src/npm-dependency-version-checker.js:11:32)

I found this thread about it which recommends doing:

npm ls ember-cli-version-checker

And seeing what has the old dependency. As it turns out, there are alot of addons I have installed that have the dependency:


Those are the latest versions of the addons. I started opening issues on each plugin’s github, but they are already opened by others.

Is there anything else I can do to fix the dependency warning?


All modules that have this error user ember-cli-babel 5 and just need to upgrade to addon to en newer ember-cli that uses ember-cli-babel 6. So you can try to run ember-cli-update on the modules involved and make PR’s :wink: .


OK - I’d actually love to know how to do this. Here’s what I tried:

Created a new project…

ember new ember-quickstart
cd ember-quickstart

installed one of the addons that needs updating…

ember i ember-resize

globally installed ember-cli-update…

npm install -g ember-cli-update

went into the addon’s directory…

cd node_modules/ember-resize

ran ember-cli-update…


But the output is:

You must start with a clean working directory

If I try running ember-cli-update at the project level, I get:

Tags match, nothing to apply

What am I doing wrong?


I don’t think ember-resize has this problem. So lets take ember-screen as example.

  1. Go to
  2. press fork on github
  3. than git clone
  4. run git checkout -b newcli from the ember-screen folder
  5. run npm install and bower install
  6. run git status to see if package-lock.json or something else was changed or added
  7. run git add . if you see change
  8. run git commit -m "package-lock.json change or some other comment" if you see change
  9. run ember update
  10. run tests to see if the addon still works
  11. run step 6,7, and 8 again if something is changed.
  12. run git push origin newcli
  13. go to and create a pull request
  14. wait patiently

Until you PR is accepted you can change the version in your projects package.json to:

"ember-screen": "yourgithub/ember-screen#newcli",

This way you can work with the updated module util your PR is accepted.


Thanks so much for taking the time to write out such detailed instructions. I really appreciate it! Learning alot from this.