An issue with deleting of new records after adding them via pushObjects

I try to create ‘loadMore’ feature.

My code for action ‘loadMore’:'user', {
  skip: _this.get('skipped'),
  limit: _this.get('limit'),
  sort: _this.get('sort')
}).then(function(newData) {
  _this.set('', newData.get(''));
  _this.set('skipped', _this.get('skipped') + _this.get('limit'));

My action for removing

remove: function(item) {

My template

{{#each model as |row|}}
   <a {{action 'remove' row}}>remove</a>
<a {{action 'loadMore'}}>loadMore</a>

When I remove a row which initially loaded via route’s model, my template is updated. But when I click on ‘loadMore’ and try to delete new records, they are deleted from server (ajax works), but my model contains these items with property isDeleted == true, and template is not updated.


I use Ember 1.12.0