AngularJS Application starter side-by-side comparison

Hi group,

I am returning to app development after a while and have been working on research into options for getting started building a new single page application. For my research, I picked AngularJS pretty accidentally, but it occurred to me that it would make sense to get some input from outside that sphere. There are likely weaknesses that I would only know by asking people other than AngularJS advocates. And maybe folks in the Ember community have a similar feature list that would help complete this one. The list of features is pretty comprehensive so if you’re working on an Ember generator, it might give you ideas for things to put into it.

Here it is: AngularJS app starter comparison

I’m open to any kind of feedback, but my main questions are: Is there something like this for comparing Ember app generators and have I left out any important features and capabilities of a web app that perhaps Ember provides?