Any advice on debugging chain watcher issues?

I was trying to debug a transition problem when all of a sudden I started getting chain watcher assertions that prevented the issue I was debugging from arising.

I’m on Ember 3.8 and stuck here until I get some more time or resources.

The assertion I’m seeing is: Assertion Failed: Cannot create a new chain watcher for <(unknown):ember5223> after it has been destroyed

I tried putting a conditional break point in the ember code the throws the assertion but that dragged down performance to a standstill.

Any hints on how to approach a bug like this?

Recently I’ve seen Chrome dev tools grind to a halt due to what looks like a memory leak. If you completely shutdown all Chrome processes and try again you may get much better debugging performance.

That is indeed the way to go, a breakpoint should be able to show you which object is being watched after it has been destroyed, and that should lead you to who is doing the watching.