Duplicate Chain Watchers

Trying to isolate some memory leaks and ran into some issues with ember_meta.chainWatchers.

Using Ember 2.0.0.

Before I dig too much deeper is it normal to have duplicate watchers for the same key? For example, here is one particular object which has the same watcher seven times:

This seems to happen mostly (if not always) if the observer and observee are the same. In the example above, the ChainWatchers.obj object is the same as each of the 7 instances.

Any insight is appreciated.


While trying to isolate memory leaks, I ran into the same issues as you.

As I navigate in the app, chainWatchers grow up with similar ChainNode objects.

Did you find anything regarding this topic?

No feedback from the Ember team so we would manually set the containing ember_meta property to null in their willDestroy method.