Any known issues with bind-attr for two/oneway binding

We are using checkbox button through CSS bind-attr as below

<button {{bind-attr class=":btn :btn-sm :btn-link :btn-checkbox model.choose:active"}} {{action 'toggleChoose' model}}>
      <span class="checkbox"></span>Driver Needed</button>

However, model.choose:active is not enabled or disabled when the model.choose is set to true or false, through toggleChoose rapid clicks on this button or when few network calls are made.

toggleChoose, method is able to set the model.choose field value properly, only view is not being updated to checked and unchecked status. Behaviour is same on all browsers. Ember 1.13.x and Ember Data 1.0 beta 16 is used

Unable to trace what the exact issue is…

Few questions

  1. does bind-attr has any known issues with model object , while choose is declared as choose: DS.attr(‘boolean’),
  2. is it recommend to use bind-attr only with controller computed properties (not checked it that works in this context)
  3. Are there any known issues of bind-attr in view, specially in the context of async calls etc…