Anyone bulk export Ember Inspector deprecations to machine readable format?

I’m so thankful for the Ember Inspector and how it tells me what I need to fix before upgrading. I maintain an application going from 3.28 to 4.4. For planning, I need to create Jira tasks for each unit of work.

I see 6 deprecations already after one page transition. I don’t feel like logging manual tickets for n * the number of pages in my application.

internal whispering: quick go learn how to calculate some kind of probabalistic growth formula for how much work I might have to do

Have you exported Ember Inspector deprecations to a machine readable format before?

Jira can ingest CSV. Once I have a list of JSON I’ll use nu shell to convert to CSV. Then, I’ll hopefully save a few keystrokes for my wearying fingers.

Do you have a good test suite? The ember-cli-deprecation-workflow addon has a “flushDeprecations” command which gives you a list of all deprecations encountered. You can also set all the deprecations to “log” and then try to count those messages from the console. Not sure how to do that if you want it like… per page though. I guess you could combine that with specific tests.

I’ve typically just done one large ticket for each deprecation. The sizes tend to vary. Sometimes a deprecated thing is used all over the place so it’s huge. Sometimes you fix one or two instances in a common component or util and it clears up thousands of instances. Kinda depends on how granular you want to get and how you want to write your tickets.

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Perhaps enough for this! Thanks for reminding me of the flushDeprecations function. I can extract entries from that quite nicely.

That sounds like a good strategy. I’m spinning my wheels itemizing the deprecation individually.

I’m trying to denote the work. Not fixing each alone! So I plan to explore higher-level tickets and crowdsource our efforts to address each area.

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