Anyone having trouble bundling the canary build with almond?


Our app works fine via require.js in 1.6 and 1.7.

And it bundles fine with almond in 1.6.

1.7 bundles but when I bring the app up it fails with a “cannot find ember” error.

Need to dig into the ember source a bit to see what might be happening, but thought I’d ask around.


I’ve discovered the problem and I suspect it is one that other requirejs folks will run into if what is in canary makes its way into beta/release.

Added to 1.7 was this:

 [ ... ], function( ... ) {

This define of ember inside of ember screws with (somehow) the define of ember in an app.

I changed this from define("ember", ... to define("ember-int", ... and also changed a requireModule("ember") to requireModule("ember-int") and it cleared up the problem straight away.

I tossed more details including an exceptionally stripped down sample app on GitHub.

My solution may not be the best. There may be a way to deal with this via the r.js config, but that’s not the path I took.