Cannot find module for addon


I’ve been trying to get an addon we wanted to use to build correctly. It initially complained because of not being able to find broccoli-static-compiler. Reading around, it seems like that should be replaced by brocolli-funnel instead. However, I get complaints about brocolli-funnel or broccoli-merge-trees (whichever is first in the requires) and can’t figure out how to make them available. I get this error:

╰─➤ ember build Cannot find module 'broccoli-merge-trees' Error: Cannot find module 'broccoli-merge-trees' at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:336:15) at Function.Module._load (module.js:278:25) at Module.require (module.js:365:17) at require (module.js:384:17)

I’ve tried playing with the package.json file, but that doesn’t seem to fix it either. At the moment, I have the following:

"dependencies": { "ember-cli-babel": "^5.1.6", "broccoli-merge-trees": "^1.1.1", "broccoli-funnel": "^0.2.15" },

Although I have no idea if that is at all related. Can anyone point me to some documentation on the black magic relative to tree manipulation in semi-recent versions of Ember? If it makes a difference, here is the output from “ember version”:

╰─➤ ember version 1 ↵ version: 2.4.2 Could not start watchman; falling back to NodeWatcher for file system events. Visit for more info. node: 0.12.7 os: darwin x64

Thanks! Craig