Anyone know of a carousel or slider that works with ember except foundation and or bootstrap


I have been trying for several day to use some jquery sliders with emberjs but to no avail.

I am open to a tutorial that lets you make your own slider.

Also, as the question mentions, I donot want to use bootstrap or foundation at this time unless I absolute cannot find any other that work.



Try this!


Are there any other solutions that were lightweight (non-bootstrap dependent) and preferably open-source people have had success with integrating into an ember app?


Why don’t you try rolling your own? It’s really not that difficult, and you can probably finish it in 20-50 lines of code without importing someone else’s overgeneralized, bloated solution :slight_smile:


Read my mind! I was hoping to learn a ‘best-practice’ method that has minimal code & flexibility. I was thinking a component utilizing liquid-fire, but I have minimal experience w/ LF.

While this topic isn’t that challenging, A client asked for it and I couldn’t help but notice there’s like 20 select components and 10 range sliders but no slider/carousel addon.

I was thinking 4 options for size (full-width; sm; md & lg) and 5 diff transition effects (toUp, toDown, toLeft, toRight, Fade), ability to set duration and arrows for manual override.