Attribute bindings to child elements of a component

I have a custom text area component which displays remaining character count.


  <div class=my-textarea> 
   {{#if isCharLimited}}
       {{remainingCount}} left 

` Since textarea supports readonly and disabled attributes I want to use attribute bindings property to bind my attributes to textarea. How can I achieve this?

You should take a look at this guide, it should answer your exact question using input instead of textarea: Binding Element Attributes - Templates - Ember Guides

Not working. I’m ember 1.13. Strange though

Can you maybe make an ember-twiddle or a JSBin that reproduces your problem? It’s hard to help solve it if I can’t reproduce it :slight_smile:

Sorry. I made a silly mistake. Took a while to figure it out. A small typo in attributebindings caused the issue.

Could you add a sample working code? I’ve the same problem you had.