Basic Test only running jshint


I have a very basic test and am only able to see the results of running it through jshint. If I disable jshint then I get 0 assertions of 0 passed, 0 failed.

Just for completion here is the test: import { moduleFor, test } from ‘ember-qunit’;

moduleFor(‘controller:auth’, ‘Auth Controller’, {});

test(‘can be created’, function(assert) { assert.expect(1); var controller = this.subject(); assert.ok(controller); });

Both myself and my coworker are seeing this behavior after setting up the latest Ember-CLI (0.2.7) independently. Is there some configuration that governs this or am I doing something wrong?


Update: Just for kicks I created a new resource via the command line with: ember g resource blah and see that for the auto generated test for blah it is running beyond jshint. So now am in the process of trying to see what is different about those tests.


Another Update: If I move my controller test to the bottom of the model unit test the controller test is run successfully. So it seems like there is something unique to the way the test env is configured for ember created tests.


Ok figured it out. Not sure how I feel about this but if I rename my test “auth.js” to “auth-test.js” it works. But why? How is this useful? I’m guessing it is so that you can put tests anywhere in the dir structure.