Best Ember Date Picker?

What is everyone using for a date picker in Ember?

I found this one:

but its not even maintained anymore and its not the best date picker for sure.

I actually rolled my own, it was pretty easy to do using components and I wanted something that was tailored to mobile devices and had support for time of day. If you have a day of time to do it then I’d recommend it as a good way to build something you can reuse in the future :slight_smile:

What is your requirement?

We are using . Works well for us!

Have you ever managed to implement Localization for ember-pikaday ? If so, how did you do that ? I opened an issue, but still no solution :(. Thank you.

<input type="date">

Using the power of the browser is usually always a better choice for a11y than any {your favorite JS framework} abstraction.

Not an option if you have to support IE 11 and Safari:

But I think it’s a valid point to question that all favored addons (ember-power-datepicker, ember-flatpickr, ember-pikaday) customizing <input type="text"> elements. Not quite sure if there is a technical reason for that.

Edit: It just works: For production-use some tweeks needed to render localized date in browsers that do not support <input type="date">. Also keyboard input is broken due to upstream issue:

Edit: Added an example with ember-power-datepicker to twiddle. Also has several issues with <input type="date">.

I managed to apply the localization for ember-pikaday.