Ember Date Picker Component

I’m trying to create a date picker with Ember components. Primarily the date picker should be using web component something like http://mozilla.github.io/brick/demos/x-tag-datepicker/index.html

This needs to be plugged with Ember component and should be used in handlebars {{custom-calendar}} which should be populating the customized calendar.

Huge recommendation is to wrap a jQuery plugin for this. Reinventing the wheel to make a calendar widget is probably not worth your time. If you want some reference I did a barebones version of this here (I DO NOT STAND BY THE STRENGTH OF THIS CODE IT WAS JUST A TEST).


Here it is thrown up on heroku http://ember-calendar-component.herokuapp.com/

I recommend wrapping pickadate.js. It is easy to wrap and will give you a lot of power.

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Thank you Steven.

I got to know your component via Github 2 days back. It was really good. I do have familiarity towards pickadate.js which is as you said lightweight and responsive. But just thought of checking whether there are some plugins available in Ember as we have in jQuery.