Best practice to react to changes in session storage

I want to have my component update when a change is made to the session storage.

I’m using 5.4 and not TS. I think I need an observer, but there are two impediments. One, the example is in TS and I’m new enough to the web landscape that I can’t convert it to simple JS. Two, the documentation here and on other forums strongly discourage the use of observers.

I’m not sure how far this will get you because I haven’t dug into the details, but there’s an addon for autotracking local storage, so maybe you could use a similar approach?


Thanks. I was able to work through my issue using a different technique. I didn’t need a special observer. I just added a tracked variable to the service and then in the setter for the session storage, I set that variable, which in turn triggered the update I was looking for.

That worked so well and so easy, that for session storage of widespread interest, just setting a tracked value to represent the change will work.

However, if the session storage use should grow, and my simple solution becomes unwieldy, I will need something like you pointed out.


You may want having a look at ember-local-storage-decorator as well. What you implemented sounds very similar.

That addon does not support sessionStorage. But it may give you an idea how you could implement a decorator to synchronize a tracked property with the sessionStorage. You can remove some complexity as sessionStorage is not synchronized between tabs. So no need to listen for storage event in that case.

Thanks for the link. It seems like that repository has gone dormant though. It’s been a couple of years since anyone has added code.