Binding query parameters to multiple checkboxes


Trying to create checkboxes that add filters to a query parameter when they are checked. There are multiple types of facets but the different types are not known until the search results are received.,js,output

Ideally the URL would look something like: #/?filters[manufacturer][]=Nike&filters[manufacturer][]=Puma&filters[category][]=Shoes
And if Nike is unchecked on the page, remove it from the url, reload the model with the new parameters.

Some issues I ran into:
-It doesn’t look like ember can support query parameters like filters[object][]=something, so I am working around it by creating parameters like: filters[]=object.something and parsing them in the model
-Ember serializes array parameters as json by default (not really sure why I’d want JSON in a url):
-Had to use proxies to get the checked property to bind with the checkbox as described here:

This seems fairly basic but the best solution I could come up with in Ember is pretty messy. Any suggestions on how this could be done cleanly in Ember?