Blink from loading (isPending) to resolved. Why?


This is my ember-twiddle that explain the entire situation:

My problem is the loading message.

My posts are sideloaded and it can be a very very long time for download.

In the meantime I need to show a loading message (in twiddle this is green).

When I enter the category route from categories route I need the green loading directly, not a blink with red as you can see.

Why it’s happening?


Add { reload: true } in the route: Ember-Twiddle (your Ember Twiddle with added category route)

Downside is that the model is always re-fetched from the backend.

Ember 2, Show a single loading message when the ids where included in the original response

Ok, it works but I’m not happy. Why this behaviour? Really with Ember this downside?


I think in this thread there are some information about caching: Question about cached records