Bound Block Helpers


Bound helpers do not support use with Handlebars blocks or the addition of child views of any kind

I believe I am correct in saying that Handlebars supports Block Helpers and these can be used in Ember (of course) but that Ember’s Bound Helpers are not available in block form. What I’m wondering is:

  1. is this in the pipeline of features to expect in Ember?
  2. is there a design pattern to get around this limitation?

The use case I’m currently working on is just wrapping a few of the Bootstrap 3 components – for instance Modal – with a helper where I’d like to be able to do something like:

{{#modal title="Hello World" fade=true footerButtons=controller.footerButtons}}
    This is the body of my modal window
    <div class="extraneous">including markup where desired</div>.


I’ve been using components for this purpose, which seems to work pretty well so far.


I was half-expecting this to be the answer. I haven’t yet RTFM’d my way through Components yet. So this allows you to define a block and have the block have bound elements in it?

Do you have – or can you point me to – an example similar to my use case?


Well I can see clearly from the documentation that it does provide what I’m looking for. Thanks for the pointer. Still interested in any good example snippets you might have.


I came across a project with syntax similar to what you are going for.


Well if you are wrapping Bootstrap 3 then why not take a look at


Yes I’m already using bootstrap-for-ember and I really like it in most cases but I do find there are times where I want to do things slightly differently. :smile: