Is there a plan to host a library of Ember Handlebars helpers?

After having watched @tom’s latest video and the nice explanation of integrating the Moment.js Handlebars helper I was wondering if their currently exists or is proposed to exist a Library of reusable Ember Handlebars helpers?

Seems like a nice way to promote code reuse on the client side without going so far as @trek’s “I hope we never have a Ember widget library”.

Just a thought.


Hey boss, not sure if you were aware of the Swag.js handlebars helper library. Some of the helpers overlap with what is available in ember, but take a look!


OK looks cool. @ryanhaywoodj how do you deal with the overlaps?

@ryanhaywoodj Cool! Does it work with Ember bindings? If my recollection is correct, Ember Handlebars helpers have to be created in a different way from regular Handlebars helpers in order for bindings to work.

Can you post a link to said video? I’m interested in checking it out, but not sure where to look…

Here you go: Building an App with Ember.js - YouTube

There are a few Ember Form builder libraries out there, such as ember-forms and ember-easyform. I have also seen a ember-bootstrap library, which I have forked. It contains a nice collection of TB views and I am currently working on improving this lib by encapsulating some of these views as handlebar helpers.

It was hard to find good documentation of creating more advanced helpers, such as bound helpers that use the options.hash and other goodies, and helpers that render other helpers or views. You could help out with the ember-bootstrap for now and look at the form builder libraries for reference :wink:

To me, seeing a {{view Ember.TextField … }} in a template is hideously ugly :stuck_out_tongue: