Browser Crashing at times while running tests - How to split running the tests


While running the Unit/Integration tests that we have, the browser crashes at times. I am guessing it is due to the number of tests we have.

Before moving to CLI, we handled it at Grunt wherein we only ran the tests by each sub-folder.

Is it possible to achieve the same in Em-CLI?

One of the solutions I could think of would be to write a custom ember-cli-test-loader and ember-cli-qunit, along with another add-on (with a custom command) which runs the testem multiple times for different folders (passing the foldername ahead to custom-cli-test-loader and custom-cli-qunit where we use the same to run only those tests in that folder).


The other solution can be to modify the brocolli tree to spill out multiple index.html in tests and then invoke testem for each of the pages.