Building tests in some location to run later without Ember-CLI

“ember test” runs all the tests in PhantomJS or a browser as per the configuration I give in testem.json However, is is possible to build all the test related assets including the tests index.html so that I can deploy my tests independently somewhere on a WebServer so that anyone interested can just open the URL to check the unit tests? This will be really useful for the QA to take a look at the Unit tests, without the need to have access to the code and do a “ember test”

ember build --environment=test

Should do the trick…

Thanks for that

I wonder why I never tried that. Anyways there are other associated issues like if location is set to ‘none’, the tag gets added in the generated tests/index.html

I hope Kill `<base>` tag · Issue #2633 · ember-cli/ember-cli · GitHub fixes it.