Excluding test related files when building for environment "development"

Whenever I build for an environment other than “production”, I see test-related files generated in dist/assets like:

  • blanket-loader.js
  • blanket-options.js
  • failed.png
  • passed.png
  • test-loader.js
  • test-support.css
  • test-support.js
  • tests.js

Anyone know how to prevent this? I’ve been trying to all day and haven’t had much luck. Thank you!

You can set tests to false in development. By default we include test related things in all non-production environments.

Something like this (typing snippets on mobile is tricky):

var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  tests: EmberApp.env() === 'test'
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Thanks Robert! And I really appreciate you responding from your phone!