Bug in resolving relative module names + source inconsistency

EDIT: There is no bug in loader.js. The module I was trying to import is malformed. Ignore this post :frowning:

I think there’s a bug in loader.js: an attempt to load “./bar” from within module “foo” will look in the registry for “bar”, not “foo/bar”. I’ve fixed that and am happy to submit a pull request, BUT…

My project’s source, installed via npm & ember new; updated with ember init, contains an error check which I do not see in the github repository. Not on master, not on 1.11.1, not on any other branch I could find. (loader.js has not been a busy file)

So, pull request with or without this error check (and minor edit to it)? And anyone want to enlighten me about what appears to be a discrepancy in source?