Ember is trying to open a dependency that I've removed. How do I get rid of it for good?

I’m having a strange issue with a dependency I removed from my project. I removed bootstrap-slider. It’s not referenced anywhere in my project – there’s no single string with bootstrap, slider in any file. However, when I run yarn start , I get the following error:

Build Error (SourceMapConcat)

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/var/folders/q4/qd78jlj90qb1szrqh3b0j29r0000gn/T/broccoli-82286Ii6ddaxeQqa1/out-462-broccoli_debug_debug_6_vendor_js/bower_components/seiyria-bootstrap-slider/dist/bootstrap-slider.js'

Where could it be hiding?

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I ran into this exact same issue.

In my case, the problem was actually caused by the npm package ui-ember-slider, which depends on a bower installation of seiyria-bootstrap-slider:

$ grep -rnw ./ -e "seiyria"
./node_modules/ui-ember-slider/blueprints/ui-ember-slider/index.js:12:      { name: 'seiyria-bootstrap-slider', target: '~6.0.6'  }
./node_modules/ui-ember-slider/bower.json:4:    "seiyria-bootstrap-slider": "^9.7.2",
./node_modules/ui-ember-slider/index.js:19:    parentApp.import('bower_components/seiyria-bootstrap-slider/dist/bootstrap-slider.js');
./node_modules/ui-ember-slider/index.js:22:      parentApp.import('bower_components/seiyria-bootstrap-slider/dist/css/bootstrap-slider.css');