Build for PHP framework


I have an Ember app that’s part of a component for a php framework. Currently, whenever I build a new version, I have to copy all the js and css files over and manually update the checksums in a php file. I’m trying to automate these tasks.

I think I’ve solved my first problem which is building to a php file instead of a html file by changing the index.html to default.php in ember-cli-build.js, but my problem now is that a lot of extra information is included in there that I don’t need. For instance, all the head and body declarations. I just need the script and link tags for the vendor and app assets and some php specific stuff.

If I add the php stuff to the index.html file, it causes issues and I need the head and body tags while I’m developing. Is there anyway to use a different index.html (or a index.php) file when I’m doing a production build? Can anyone give me some ideas on how to approach this? Thanks.


Can you provide some details about the structure of your project? Might be helpful

If you want to run the Ember App inside of your PHP project/frame, I dont think you need to change the index.html. You can basically paste the stuff of your index.html to your .php file.

For building/copying I’d recommend a task runner like gruntjs. That should solve the missing vendor css/js files


Perhaps you can use:


The copying part isn’t too hard to fix. I’ll just create an in-app addon and hook onto outputReady.

The hard part is figuring out how to have a different index file for just production. The syntax is very different. Like I said about, I don’t need head or body tags; those are taken care of by the framework and template. To do stuff like set the title, I have to do:

<?= @title('App Title') ?>

Could anyone help point me in the direction of doing this with broccoli? I’ve tried figuring it out Ember’s build pipeline, but it’s very confusing. I was hoping there’d be an easy way to just build the app separately.